Introducing Paolo Recchia – 2008 Via Veneto Jazz

CD Introducing Paolo Recchia

“Introducing Paolo Recchia”

2008 Via Veneto Jazz

  • Paolo Recchia – alto & sop saxes
  • Dado Moroni – piano
  • Marco Loddo – bass
  • Nicola Angelucci – drums

I know and I follow Paolo for a few years. His progress, both with the tool that in the compositions, it is remarkable, able to express a unique sense of elegance and lightness.

His mood is always generous both in sound and phrases, and knows how to create a style sweet and aggressive at the same time. It ‘s definitely a musician of value that will contribute to the enrichment of the Italian jazz scene.

Stefano di Battista

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As Leader

  • “Peace Hotel”
  • 2015 Albòre Jazz (Japan)
Three For Getz
  • “Three for Getz”
  • 2013 Albòre Jazz (Japan)
Ari's Desire_250
  • “Ari’s Desire”
  • feat. Alex Sipiagin
  • 2011 Via Veneto Jazz

As Sideman

Luca Mannutza Quintet The Remembering
  • Luca Mannutza Quintet
  • “The Remembering”
  • Schema Records Rearward
Beyond the Drums_250
  • Nicola Angelucci
  • “Beyond the Drums”
  • Via Veneto Jazz
Even Not 4_250
  • Stefania Patanè/Group
  • “Even Not 4”
  • Wide Sound
The wrong Side_250
  • Gianrico Manca
  • “The Wrong Side”
  • feat. Paolo Recchia
  • Sardmusic
Sound Six My Music_250
  • Luca Mannutza
  • Sound Six
  • “My Music”
  • Albòre Jazz (Japan)
Tributo ai Sestetti Anni 60_250
  • Luca Mannutza
  • Sound Six
  • “Tributo ai Sestetti Anni 60”
  • Albòre Jazz (Japan)
The First One
  • Nicola Angelucci
  • “The First One”
  • Via Veneto Jazz
  • Aldo Bassi
  • “Research”
  • Lorenzo Tucci
  • “Touch”
  • Schema Records
Bass voice Project_250
  • Pippo Matino
  • Silvia Barba
  • “Bass Voice Project”
  • Wide Lab
Tribute to Duke_250
  • Giorgio Rosciglione
  • “Tribute to Duke”
  • Tuscia in Jazz
The Music I Play_250
  • Francesca Sortino
  • “The Music I Play”
  • RWM/Family affair
Fires 'n Pyres_250
  • Federica Zammarchi
  • “Fires ‘n Pyres”
  • Dodicilune Records
  • Samuele Bersani
  • “L’Aldiqua”
  • Sony BMG music ent.