Ari’s Desire – 2011 Via Veneto Jazz

Ari's Desire Cover CD

“Ari’s desire” 2011 Via Veneto Jazz

  • Paolo Recchia – alto & sop saxes
  • Alex Sipiagin – trumpet & flugelhorn
  • Nicola Muresu – bass
  • Nicola Angelucci – drums

“I listen to this music with a smile on my face. I’ve know Paolo for a while now. When he came to me for a lesson or two, I recognized his talent at once…a diamond in the rough. Since then, we’ve crossed paths several times. Usually at a festival or club where we were able to catch up with each other between sets. But it had been a while since I’d actually heard him play. Last summer I had the good fortune to finally hear him a couple of times at the Tuscia in Jazz festival and was astounded by how much he had grown.

When teaching, I always talk about how learning jazz is like learning a new language….a lot of memorizing and imitating. I also talk about the difference between being an artist or a craftsman. Most musicians reach a level where they are good imitators and craftsman…this is not an easy task. it requires a lot of patience, discipline and dedication. There are a few however, who take it to the next level by transforming the information they’ve assimilated into a language and sound of their own. Paolo belongs to the second category.

When I heard him last summer, I found myself asking myself “what was that?” over and over again; wishing I had a tape recorder so I could go back and transcribe and analyze what he had played. I loved the fact that I heard the tradition….blues, swing, humor….along side of the modern language that any saxophone player since Coltrane, Ornette, Wayne etc….has had to address. I was also flattered because I heard a little of me in him…..not a copy but an influence. He had taken what I had taught him and then digested and transformed it.

The music on this recording is a beautiful example of Paolo’s playing and writing. I know by experience how difficult it is to go into a recording studio for one solo recording. It is a very unnatural and surreal situation. When listening, I was impressed by how relaxed and natural he sounded. I kept asking myself the question “if this is what he can do now, what will he come up with next?” I look forward to listening to him grow and develop.

I invite you to do the same”.

Rick Margitza

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