Midwest Record – di Chris Spector

Paolo Recchia: Ari’s Desire – VVJ JAZZ

Paolo Recchia Ari's Desire

20 February 2012 – Midwest Record – di Chris Spector

As soon as I put this on, I thought the Miles 70s vibe was front and center. Imagine my surprise when a took a closer look at the package and saw liner notes by Rick Margitza. Although he’s a sax man, he’s certainly listened to “On the Corner” more than once and taken it to heart. A nicely mixed collection of originals and covers, particularly with a few tipping the cap to Sonny Rollins, the set goes the distance in showing fine playing without falling in the trap of being a paint by numbers homage. Left leaning jazzbos will enjoy this sitting down session, particularly now that old man winter has finally shown up and there are going to be a few more nights staying in before things get nice again.